When is it too late to “blow out” a sprinkler system?

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When is it too late to “blow out” a sprinkler system?

If you live in NJ and you haven’t winterized your lawn sprinkler, it may already be too late. Call us asap this spring!

“Winterization” of your lawn sprinkler system,  commonly referred to as a “Blow-Out” is service necessary for anyone who has an irrigation system, because pipes, valves and sprinklers freeze, To avoid a spring repair, irrigation experts recommend performing Winterization in October or November.

Here in NJ we are having a week of sub zero temperatures…so, what if you haven’t had your system winterized? Unfortunately, it’s probably too late and it is very likely some damage has been done. At this point, we just recommend that you sit tight and wait till the Spring turn on. Call RR Irrigation as soon as possible this spring so that your irrigation system can be checked early on and repairs can be made before you really want to begin watering your landscape. Often the damage is minimal and the system is back to working order quickly. Happy Winter!

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