Watchung, Somerset County backyard irrigation

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Watchung, Somerset County backyard irrigation

When a Watchung, Somerset County homeowner wanted to renovate their backyard, lawn sprinklers, including drip irrigation was a necessary part of the project.The backyard of this home was previously a plain landscape till a team of lawn architects and RR Irrigation created something more. Irrigation was already part of the homeowners front yard, but for the back, they wanted to create a retreat, an oasis that required different types of irrigation systems. RR Irrigation provided the design and installation of this project, which because of the leveled terrace design required drip irrigation, rotary, and spray heads.  The rotary and spray sprinkler heads covered much of the leveled area of the landscape, but for the shrubbery on top, and the potted plants, RR Irrigation had to use a drip irrigation system. A “smart controller” was installed to manage the job from the main house. The irrigation part of the job took about a week and included an upgrade to the front lawn irrigation, too.

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