Spring has Sprung…now is the time to install a Lawn Sprinkler System

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Spring has Sprung…now is the time to install a Lawn Sprinkler System

Now is the time to install the Lawn-sprinkler system you’ve always wanted. It’s easy and will save you hours of watering. Here’s how it works with RR Irrigation:

Your Spring irrigation installation starts with a phone call or email. Our office will schedule a free lawn sprinkler system estimate to measure your property, discuss your irrigation needs, and then follow up with an appropriate proposal.

RR Irrigation is committed to keeping our customers satisfied, save our customers money on their reoccurring water bills, and respect and protect our water supply. Our certified irrigation designers understand how to maximize efficiency, conserve water, limit waste, all while helping to keep your landscape looking its best.

Your installation will be scheduled based on next availability or as needed to fit your project schedule. Our office will communicate any changes due to weather or job delays that may affect your start date in an effort to limit any inconvenience to you.

Installation day will begin on the arrival of our well trained crew of polite and respectful workers. They will properly install the system while minimizing damage to your existing landscape. Lawn areas disturbed will be properly tamped down and raked out. Fine adjustments to sprinkler valves and heads will ensure an efficient water saving irrigation system. You will receive a tutorial on how to program your controller and a walk through of all the work performed.

Any issues that may arise during the warrantee period shall be scheduled and repaired as quick as possible.

Proper preventive maintenance is necessary to maximize the longevity and efficiency of your irrigation system. Our friendly service technicians are industry trained and our trucks a well stocked to perform almost any repair on the spot.

Spring turn on services, seasonal repairs, and winterizations are all electronically scheduled and through smart technology we always know where are crews are located to better assist you.

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