The Seedlings are small in the Fall, but with proper watering will become mighty in the Spring

Did you know that the Fall is the best time to seed your lawn? And with a lawn sprinkler system in place, you’ll be sure get the proper amount of water to ensure growth.

While mature grass can go for days or even weeks without water, young grass sprouts can die if they go a day or two without water. Since the cool nights of Fall promote seed germination and root growth, seeding now makes a lot of sense.

So,this Fall, after seeding, set your irrigation controller for twice a day watering—at 8 am and 2 pm.  Zone times will vary from 3-5 minutes for spray heads and 10-12 minutes for rotary heads. Once the grass seed germinates and the seedlings are 2-3” tall, its okay to cut back to watering only at 8 am. Finally, after about 3 weeks, set the controller to water every other day until the system gets winterized.

By Spring, you can return your controller to it’s normal schedule and enjoy your lush green grass.