This Fall is the perfect time to install a lawn irrigation system

Now is the perfect time to install a new lawn sprinkler system in New Jersey. Not only are the conditions and timing perfect for installation, but RR Irrigation has a special offer, too. Weather and ground conditions permitting, RR Irrigation will install a new irrigation system at your home or business and provide you with a free winterization and spring turn on.

Customers at RR Irrigation in Middlesex, NJ can have a beautiful, green lawn next Spring, or even in the next few weeks. While ground conditions are good, RR Irrigation will install a new lawn sprinkler system and provide a free Winterization and Spring 2014 turn on.  Both Winterizations and Spring turn ons are important to your automatic lawn sprinkler. Before the first frost, RR Irrigation will make sure that there is no remaining water in your piping or backflow that can freeze and crack, thus damaging your system. In the Spring, RR will turn on your system and make sure everything is in working order and adjust sprinkler coverage as needed. RR will also program your clock to perform best and check all sprinkler heads and mechanical parts of your lawn sprinkler. Sometimes, landscape conditions change, too, so that will be evaluated.

Call RR Irrigation today at (732) 271-7070. Enjoy the rest of your Summer!