Proper Drainage Helps Maintains your Yard and your Home

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Proper Drainage Helps Maintains your Yard and your Home

A french drain is being installed by RR Irrigaiton in Central NJ

Standing water around your home can cause wet basements, mold & mildew damage and landscaping problems. A properly installed drainage system can help.It could be your yard, your neighbor’s yard or changes in your landscape–but regardless of the cause, accumulated water on your property is definitely a problem.  If you have water pooling, look around….it is usually caused by the slope of the land. If your neighbor’s land stands at a higher elevation than yours you could be experiencing problems with excessive moisture caused by water running downward and spilling onto your property. If the ground around your own home looks like it is sloping towards  from your home’s foundation, this can also cause an issue. Either way, achieving better  drainage is possible. Sometimes, the problem can be solved by moving dirt, but often installing a drainage system is required

A properly installed drainage system, like a french drain, will gather and remove unwanted water from one area to another. This is done by installing a pipe in the ground. Often, the pipe is then covered with gravel & and landscaped so that it is not even visible. The end result? A beautiful landscape without water damage. For information about drainage services, contact RR Irrigation.

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