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You may have heard your irrigation contractor using these words, and you “kinda” get it, right? Here’s a bit more information so that you understand the import roles these tools play…..

A flow sensor is used to measure the water flowing through the irrigation system. A master valve is used to allow water to flow during irrigation and shut-off the water when irrigation has ended–to put it simply. This flow sensor and master valve are installed in the mainline pipe and wired to the controller. The flow parameters are setup at the controller to monitor the normal flow for the irrigation system. When the flow exceeds these normal parameters, (perhaps if a pipe or head breaks or malfunctions), the controller senses the excessive flow and sets off an alarm. The controller will then close the zone valve to prevent further watering until repairs have been made. In the event of a mainline pipe break, the controller will close the master valve. Using a flow sensor and master valve on your irrigation system saves water and monitors and controls water use.

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RR Irrigation’s remote site management service will give you the peace of mind of knowing that your irrigation system is being monitored by us and performing at its full potential. In addition to watching the irrigation system’s performance, alarms are set via email to proactively alert us about any necessary system repairs. Programs are automatically adjusted based on actual weather conditions so that the landscape gets the perfect amount of water, and there is no waste. And, we will oversee that watering is occurring at the scheduled time. With a flow sensor and master valve, we can quickly diagnose flow issues and provide real-time flow reports that show overall system water use. Save Time, Save Water, Save Money. Ask us! //www.rrirrigation.com/contact-us/


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Remotes aren’t just for watching TV…watch your grass become green and beautiful, too!

Maintaining an irrigation system is easier and faster with a hand-held remote. Now you no longer have to walk to the controller to turn zones on or off.  Using a handheld remote enables you to easily activate zones and save time performing maintenance tasks.  You can also run a system test, specifying how many minutes, which zone to start with and with which zone to end with.  Adding a handheld remote to your irrigation system is the perfect solution for maintaining your system.

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Green Roofs

Posted on 10, Apr

Green Roofs

Green roofs are rooftop landscapes where a waterproofing membrane, soil, and vegetation lays over a traditional roof. Well-designed, engineered and maintained green roofs provide multiple environmental, social, economic and aesthetic benefits. They are designed to absorb and recycle rainwater, provide insulation, creating a habitat for wildlife, and providing a more aesthetically pleasing landscape.

Urban air temperatures can be lowered with green roof systems and they effectively utilize the natural functions of plants to filter water and treat air in urban and suburban landscapes. Green roof technology is growing and having a positive effect on our environment. Contact RR Irrigation today for more information.

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Now is the time to install the Lawn-sprinkler system you’ve always wanted. It’s easy and will save you hours of watering. Here’s how it works with RR Irrigation:

Your Spring irrigation installation starts with a phone call or email. Our office will schedule a free lawn sprinkler system estimate to measure your property, discuss your irrigation needs, and then follow up with an appropriate proposal.

RR Irrigation is committed to keeping our customers satisfied, save our customers money on their reoccurring water bills, and respect and protect our water supply. Our certified irrigation designers understand how to maximize efficiency, conserve water, limit waste, all while helping to keep your landscape looking its best.

Your installation will be scheduled based on next availability or as needed to fit your project schedule. Our office will communicate any changes due to weather or job delays that may affect your start date in an effort to limit any inconvenience to you.

Installation day will begin on the arrival of our well trained crew of polite and respectful workers. They will properly install the system while minimizing damage to your existing landscape. Lawn areas disturbed will be properly tamped down and raked out. Fine adjustments to sprinkler valves and heads will ensure an efficient water saving irrigation system. You will receive a tutorial on how to program your controller and a walk through of all the work performed.

Any issues that may arise during the warrantee period shall be scheduled and repaired as quick as possible.

Proper preventive maintenance is necessary to maximize the longevity and efficiency of your irrigation system. Our friendly service technicians are industry trained and our trucks a well stocked to perform almost any repair on the spot.

Spring turn on services, seasonal repairs, and winterizations are all electronically scheduled and through smart technology we always know where are crews are located to better assist you.

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Starting next Month, RR Irrigation will be working on New York’s City’s long anticipated re-development effort of Governor’s Island, NY. The project provides New York City with 175 acres of multi-use public space. New Yorkers and visitors alike will be able to enjoy the Island’s parks and recreation, arts exhibitions, museums, theaters, concerts and more.  RR Irrigation wants to keep it green and beautiful for everyone to enjoy and we are honored to be a part of such a historical, important redevelopment project – right in busy New York Harbor – a place truly unique for it’s location and property value.


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A french drain is being installed by RR Irrigaiton in Central NJ

Standing water around your home can cause wet basements, mold & mildew damage and landscaping problems. A properly installed drainage system can help. (more…)

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The Seedlings are small in the Fall, but with proper watering will become mighty in the Spring

Did you know that the Fall is the best time to seed your lawn? And with a lawn sprinkler system in place, you’ll be sure get the proper amount of water to ensure growth. (more…)

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Deep watering helps prevent root rot

Deep watering helps prevent root rot

Over watering is one of the more common causes of plant problem. Heavy and poorly drained soils are susceptible to becoming waterlogged. Roots growing in waterlogged soil may die because they cannot absorb the oxygen needed to function normally. The longer the air is cut off, the greater the root damage. The dying roots decay and cannot supply the plants with nutrients and water. Damage caused by over watering is frequently misdiagnosed as pest damage. However, pest damage rarely causes roots to concentrate near the surface of the soil. Plants stressed or injured by waterlogging can become abnormally susceptible to certain fungal pathogens.  Phytophthora spp. for example, cause root rot most often in soils that are periodically waterlogged.

Symptoms and Diagnosis

Plants growing in soil that is too wet suffer from a lack of oxygen which leads to the death of roots and a loss of vigor in the plant. Stunted slow growth with yellowing leaves is a symptom of over watering.  Plants may suffer from leaf scorch or leaf burn. Water soaked spots and blisters (Oedema) may appear on stems and leaves. The crown of the plant may rot. Damaged roots have little defense against the entrance of rot causing soil organisms. And so the plant dies of root rot.

Integrated Pest Management Strategies

1. Deep watering encourages roots to go deep down in the soil to where it is moist and a lot cooler. Water less frequently but for longer periods, so water reaches deep into soil. Good thorough watering promotes healthier plants.

2. Investigate using water conserving drip emitters or soaker hoses on a timer. Adjust watering frequency and amounts based on season, temperature and amount of rainfall.  Overhead watering uses more water and can promote fungal disease. Also make sure you don’t have leaking irrigation pipes or downspouts that are keeping the soil too wet in a location.

3. Add mulch to individual plants or beds. Add organic matter such as compost or rotted manure to plantings —organic matter can improve drainage in heavy clay soils.  Take care to keep mulch away from stems.

4. Use appropriate plants.  Evaluate your site for new plantings.  Choose plants with the appropriate water and cultural needs that will thrive on your site.   Use water loving plants for moist poorly drained soils.  Also consider native plants, which generally adapt better, have lower water demands and fewer pest problems.

5. Water only when necessary.   Most plants will normally wilt in hot sun and may recover on their own later in the day as the sun moves. Make sure soil is not too wet based on the needs of particular plants before watering; you may end up by over watering.

6. A dry surface is not always a sign of water need. The surface generally dries out first and is not a true indicator of what is going on down deep near the plant root. Make use of a hand trowel or soil probe to check for moisture.  Check for overwatering by digging into root zone or knocking a small potted plant out of its container.  Soil that has been too long without oxygen usually smells sour or rotten.

7. Give priority to watering newly planted trees and shrubs. Young plants have not had sufficient time to establish deep root systems, and depend on surface water for survival. Do not let the root balls of newly planted trees and shrubs dry out completely or become too saturated. Before watering use a soil probe or a hand trowel. Remember that when plants are fully established, they will require less water.

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Pipe freshly installed and ready to rake and cover

Every homeowner or business wants a green, beautiful lawn. It shows that you take pride in your property and projects a positive image to all who enter it.  If you are thinking about installing a lawn sprinkler but concerned about what the construction project might do to your landscape. Rest assured… (more…)

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A properly designed irrigation system will ensure complete coverage and a healthy and green lawn. Call our specialists now  telephone

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I’m amazed at how clean everything was and you can barely tell that they dug up the areas that they did. They were very good!

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