Lawn Sprinklers from RR Irrigation–All the benefits without the mess

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Lawn Sprinklers from RR Irrigation–All the benefits without the mess

Pipe freshly installed and ready to rake and cover

Every homeowner or business wants a green, beautiful lawn. It shows that you take pride in your property and projects a positive image to all who enter it.  If you are thinking about installing a lawn sprinkler but concerned about what the construction project might do to your landscape. Rest assured…

The techniques used by RR Irrigation in Middlesex, NJ can install a lawn sprinkler and in less than a week, you won’t even know they were there. In fact, a customer of RR irrigation recently hired them to install a lawn sprinkler so that their property would look impeccable for an upcoming family event—their daughter’s outdoor wedding.  After installation of the lawn sprinkler, the father of the bride drove up the driveway and was expecting a bit of a mess. He was surprised to see the installation technician was there waiting…ready to explain how the system runs.

The process of installation is accomplished by RR’s expert technicians by using a special plowing technique that barely disrupts the soil. Then, the soil is raked out and tamped down, reveling a very small slit that is completely covered over in a week or two. The plowing pipe also leaves the soil profile in place by not mixing the deeper sub soil in with the topsoil, something that often happens in open trenching and with a lack of expertise.

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