It’s time to Winterize your Lawn Sprinkler System

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It’s time to Winterize your Lawn Sprinkler System

Winterize your sprinkler system now and protect your investment

While most of us are hoping we don’t have our first freeze quite yet….you never know. The weather this year has been unpredictable, so scheduling your winterization/lawn sprinkler blow out now is a good idea.

The process of winterizing your lawn sprinkler mainly consists of getting all the water out of the lines of your sprinkler system. When water is left in the system and freezes, it can damage the valves, pipes and other system components. While some homeowners do try to do it themselves, there are some risks involved, so RR Irrigation recommends calling us at (732) 271-7070 to have this done quickly and safely. It is the best way to protect your investment and set yourself up for a problem-free spring turn on.

For $72.00 on average, RR Irrigation will come to your location, turn off your timer, close all valves and use a properly sized air compressor to blow all of the air out of the lawn sprinkler system. Contact us today by phone or with our service request form found at So, here’s to winter! Bring it on.

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