Importance of your Lawn Sprinkler Spring “Turn On”

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Importance of your Lawn Sprinkler Spring “Turn On”

Think Spring! With the harsh New Jersey Winter of 2014, it is important that your irrigation contractor takes special care to inspect for any winter damage. So, how is your irrigation system effected by this type of Winter? If you’ve Winterized your system, you’ve hopefully already limited the splitting or bursting of pipes. There are other ways, however, that your irrigation system can be damaged with the cold weather like: Extreme temperatures cause a deep freeze to the ground. Frost can enter the ground and move soil, roots and rock. It can even stress pipes. If any of these are near your sprinkler head or piping it will require some maintenance come Spring. Snowplows can also cause damage. Often in deep snow, sprinkler heads are covered and can easily be crushed or completely removed by your plowing, so in the Spring, a damaged lawn sprinkler head may need to be replaced or repaired. A  licensed irrigation contractor, like RR Irrigation in Middlesex, can provide an inspection and get your lawn sprinkler ready for the Spring. Aren’t we all ready?

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