Flow sensors & Master valve…What do they do?

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Flow sensors & Master valve…What do they do?

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You may have heard your irrigation contractor using these words, and you “kinda” get it, right? Here’s a bit more information so that you understand the import roles these tools play…..

A flow sensor is used to measure the water flowing through the irrigation system. A master valve is used to allow water to flow during irrigation and shut-off the water when irrigation has ended–to put it simply. This flow sensor and master valve are installed in the mainline pipe and wired to the controller. The flow parameters are setup at the controller to monitor the normal flow for the irrigation system. When the flow exceeds these normal parameters, (perhaps if a pipe or head breaks or malfunctions), the controller senses the excessive flow and sets off an alarm. The controller will then close the zone valve to prevent further watering until repairs have been made. In the event of a mainline pipe break, the controller will close the master valve. Using a flow sensor and master valve on your irrigation system saves water and monitors and controls water use.

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