Managed communities

RR irrigation is capable of installing and managing large communities such as condominiums, town homes, and adult communities. High efficiency designs and installation practices combine to save water.

Inefficient irrigation systems can waste 50% or more water. The increasing cost of water is gaining the attention of large communities that irrigate their property. It’s very typical to use 100,000 gallons of water per watering cycle, at $6.00 per gallon that $600.00 per watering. In a typical year a system may run 75 times costing your owners association $45,000.00 per year. A poorly designed and barely maintained system can easily waste tens of thousands of dollars per year

How can RR irrigation save you money?
If it’s a new lawn sprinkler system installation it’s all about designing a system with modern efficient products and comprehensive owner training. We are also capable of remote scheduling and flow monitoring, saving money on unnecessary watering and identified leaks before they cost you a fortune!

Existing systems should be audited. RR irrigation offers a Certified Irrigation Audit service that can identify wasteful characteristics of your lawn sprinkler systems. Every item identified to improve efficiency will be listed with an associated cost to repair the issue and set you on course to saving money.