Can You Install Your Own Lawn Sprinkler System?

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Can You Install Your Own Lawn Sprinkler System?

We are often asked by customers and friends if they can install their own lawn sprinkler systems. The answer is, of course, yes! However, anyone taking on this task needs to know what they are getting themselves into.

First there is the design of the irrigation system. A proper design will water your lawn evenly and efficiently. Efficiency is important to both the health of the turf grass and your wallet, you’re paying for every drop wasted. Some suppliers will help you with design, but few have the time or the experience. There are manufacturer’s websites that have design tools to help, too.

Next,  you have to install the system which is extremely labor intensive, especially if the ground conditions are rocky, root infested, or very dry. You will need to rent a trencher to get the pipe down to the proper depth of 8-12”. The sprinkler and valve holes will need to be excavated as well. All the soil will have to be shoveled and raked back into trenches, tamped down, and re-seeded.

Then there is the plumbing and electrical. A connection needs to be made to the house plumbing, a backflow device and controller need to be installed as well as the valves and sprinklers themselves. Much of this work will require special tools and you’ll need to gain the necessary knowledge along the way.

For the DIYers out there, installing your own lawn sprinkler system is possible if you are handy and able to learn and work hard.  Our experienced crew at RR Irrigation can can deliver a crew of five men and in just one day can install some home systems. It could take a Do-it-yourself-er weeks. If you decide to do it yourself, it helps to have friends that owe you a favor! Also, be sure to check with your town about the permit that will be needed and always call for a utility mark out anytime your excavating on your property.

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