drip irrigation

A separate zone of drip irrigation at a property in New Vernon, NJ

A professionally designed lawn sprinkler system will maximize your investment and economize your water usage. Since the amount of water needed may vary on your property, different zones are designed and specific irrigation sprinkler heads are installed.

It is important to get the right coverage. Uneven application of water to a lawn is counterproductive and can cause problems, including drainage issues. A licensed irrigation company can help with a proper design and a proper selection and layout of sprinkler heads, among other things. Zones are set up to handle separate areas on a property. On many properties, rotor sprinklers are often used to water medium to large turf areas and fixed-spray pop-ups or stationary shrub risers might be used to water small to medium turf areas and shrub beds. Drip irrigation is installed for shrubbery and can be used on rooftops and within potted plants.
All of this variation, and a proper watering schedule will help you achieve the best results.